Planning For a Pup? Here’s A Heads-Up on Dog Grooming

If you’re looking at this page, it’s probably because you truly care about your future canine companion’s grooming needs — which is a very good thing. Basic grooming is a responsibility you must commit to for the well-being of your new pup. It offers benefits that help to ensure that both you and your fur baby are happier and healthier.

The first thought you probably have about dog grooming is how often it should be done. The following post takes a closer look at this question:

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How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

Every dog is unique and so are their grooming needs. How often they need their hair brushed, trimmed, and washed will depend on the length, texture, and density of your dog’s coat. Though grooming needs can vary within breeds, there are some reliable standards for different types of dog hair.

To help you keep your dog’s coat looking and feeling good, we talked with two professional Rover groomers about how often different types of dogs need to be groomed. Read more at…

Having a plan for your dog’s grooming holds benefits for you and them both. For instance, if you have allergies and need to maintain a less reactive home, proper dog grooming is vital.

Part of your dog’s grooming regimen is nail trimming. Many dog owners prefer to leave this task to a professional groomer, while some opt for the DIY approach. Others simply want to be able to trim their dog’s nails in a pinch or understand the process better. If you want to know more about nail trimming for any reason, the following post has details:

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How to Cut Dog Nails and Why It’s Important

Trimming your dog’s nails offers as much benefit to you as it does to your dog. Neglected nails can lead to discomfort or infection, not to mention the damage they can do to your floors and furniture. If your dog’s nails appear long or brittle, or if you hear a constant clicking sound when they walk, those are clear signs that it is time for a trim. It’s best to start this routine when your dog is young so they get used to clippers, and then it should be performed at least once a month thereafter. Read more at Petco…

One of the keys to making your dog comfortable with nail trimming (and trimming the hair between the pads of their feet, as well) is starting the process early in life.

If you’re undecided about taking your dog to a groomer or handling all or some of it yourself, the following post may offer some helpful insights:

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Dog Grooming: Doing It Yourself Vs. Going To A Professional

Our dogs are not impervious to getting dirty. In fact, they can get really dirty. Add in the needs for haircuts and nail trimmings and it becomes a full-blown job to keep our cute lovable pups clean and well-groomed. But what’s the best option when it comes to grooming our pets?

Should we groom our dogs ourselves? Or should we fork over the cash to have a professional do it? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of DIY grooming versus going to a professional to groom your pup. Read more at DogTime.Com…

Whichever method of grooming you opt for, just be sure that your pup is kept clean and well-cared for.

If you live in Greenville, SC and want an outstanding groomer for your pup, consider Fur Babies Pet Resort. Every member of our dog-loving staff will treat your pup like their very own. Call us at (864) 375-4100 to schedule an appointment, or reach us through the contact form on our website. We look forward to loving on your fur baby soon.