Why Choose Us

It’s All About Peace Of Mind

Entrusting your beloved dog or cat to the care of others can be very stressful. For your own peace of mind, it’s crucial that you find the best possible caretaker. That’s precisely what you’ll get with Fur Babies Pet Resort. We aren’t your typical daycare or pet boarding operation. When we refer to ourselves as a “pet resort,” we mean it. Our goal is to give your dog or cat a luxury staycation experience every time they’re with us.

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Our passion for this work isn’t driven by commercial success, but by our deep, abiding love for animals. Joined by her husband, Dave, Dr. Lisa Shaw is the owner of Fur Babies and a successful veterinarian. You can rely on the pair and their staff to provide the highest level of care. In fact, the entire Fur Babies staff is comprised of pet owners who have been thoroughly vetted and trained. We shower the dogs and cats we host with an abundance of love and attention. Under our constant supervision they receive plenty of opportunities to run and play in our outdoor areas, and we bolster their socialization skills through supervised interactions with other pets. All dogs staying overnight sleep in their own comfy Kuranda brand, elevated beds.

Now that we’ve told you a little about us, come to our facility to meet the staff and take a look around. You’ll see that we’re committed to caring for your dog and/or cat just the way you would. Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cherished pets are happy and safe in their home away from home.

How We Started

Dr. Shaw’s love of animals started when she was seven years old. She knew then what her life calling was. During her undergraduate work at NC State Univ. she applied to NC State’s School of Veterinary Medicine and was accepted. After being in private practice while also teaching at NC State Vet School she had the opportunity with her husband Dave, who grew up with dogs his entire life, to start a pet resort in Charlotte, NC that they ran for over thirteen years before selling to a national group in 2018. “Our love of animals and our passion for caring for them has driven our entire life. It’s what we do every day not only for others but for our five pets at home and we missed it after selling our businesses. The Greenville area and people of South Carolina are absolutely wonderful which is why we started Fur Babies.

We at Fur Babies Pet Resort pledge to engage in charitable giving and volunteer efforts within the greater Greenville community to help better our community. We will also make socially and environmentally conscious decisions in the day to day actions of running our business.

It is our vision at Fur Babies Pet Resort that we will inspire our customers, employees and neighbors to be the best we can be at all times. This means that we will strive to have the best environment for our furry guests each and every minute they are in our care; that we will strive to have the best place to work and learn for each and every one of our employees and to be inclusive and supportive of our employees needs, and to support our neighbors to insure we help our neighborhood in every way we can making for a dynamic and healthy area to live and work.

Here at Fur Babies your pet gets decades of professional pet care experience. No other facility in business today offers the care and expertise you pet has to have when outside their home. Being able to see if a guest doesn’t feel quite right or finding out why one doesn’t want to eat dinner means the difference between a happy pet and a suffering pet.